The 10 Most Infamous PED Users in Boxing
July 12, 2011

The following list is made up of boxers who either tested positive or admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.

Frans Botha10. Frans Botha (48-5-3, 29 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Former WBF Heavyweight Champion
Drug of choice: Nandrolone
Remarks: Botha defeated Axel Schulz for the IBF heavyweight title in 1995, but was stripped of the title after testing positive for steroids.

Tommy Morrison Mugshot9. Tommy Morrison (48-3-1, 42 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Former WBO Heavyweight Champion
Drug of choice: Steroids/HIV Cocktails
Remarks: Officially, the only thing Morrison ever tested positive for was HIV. In 2006, Morrison claimed his 1996 HIV test was a false positive caused by steroid usage. Morrison may have watched too many Star Trek re-runs, as he also said he could teleport himself.

8. Ivan Drago (53-1, 46 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Killed Apollo Creed
Drug of choice: Anabolic Steroids
Remarks: We’ve all seen the tape of Vitali Klitschko’s half brother Drago shooting up ‘roids. I don’t know what’s worse losing the biggest fight of your life or losing your wife to Flavor Flav?

7. Vitali Klitschko (42-2, 39 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Brother of unified heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko
Drug of choice: Steroids
Remarks: Thrown off the Ukrainian Olympic boxing team in 1996 after testing positive for a banned substance. Klitschko admitted in his autobiography that he used steroids to deal with a leg injury.

6. James Toney (73-6-3, 44 KO’s)
Accomplishments: 4-division champion/Current IBA Heavyweight Champion
Drug of choice: Nandrolone/Boldenone/Stanazolol
Remarks: The number of world titles he has won is just as long as the number of steroids he has taken. Toney is one of the toughest SOBs to ever enter the ring and yet he failed two post-fight drug tests. Toney tested positive for steroids after winning the WBA heavyweight title from John Ruiz in 2005. And failed yet another drug test in 2007 following his victory against fellow steroid juicer Danny Batchelder. Despite using steroids, Toney’s pudgy physique remained the same.

5. Ricardo Mayorga (29-8-1, 23 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Former unified welterweight champion
Drug of choice: Furosemide
Remarks: Mayorga failed his post-fight drug test following his knockout loss to Oscar De La Hoya in 2006. Furosemide is a banned diuretic  used to either lose weight in a short amount of time or mask steroid usage. In this case, I bet Mayorga was constipated.

4. Fernando Vargas (26-5, 22 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Co-starred along side Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog
Drug of choice: Stanozolol (Winstrol)
Remarks: The 2-time junior middleweight champion is a prime example of how steroids don’t stop you from getting knocked out. Thanks to his Winstrol fueled performance, Vargas was able to bully Oscar De La Hoya for much of their 2002 title unification fight. As Vargas repeatedly assaulted De La Hoya, HBO blow-by-blow announcer Jim Lampley remarked how Vargas had “seemingly super natural strength for a one-hundred-fifty-four pounder.” And as it turned out, he sure did.

3. Shane Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Passed all his blood doping tests prior to fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Drug of choice: The Cream/The Clear/EPO
Remarks: Mosley was the second of three known opponents to use performance enhancers against Oscar De La Hoya. Mosley went on the Barry Bonds BALCO diet for his 2003 rematch against De La Hoya. And unlike Vargas and Mayorga, Mosley’s BALCO products carried him to a close controversial win.

2. Roy Jones Jr. (54-8, 40 KO’s)

Accomplishments: Avoided any brain numbing knockouts through his first 50 professional fights
Drug of choice: Androstenedione
Remarks: Jones tested positive for PED’s after his 2000 win over Richard Hall. According to Jones, the over-the-counter product Ripped Fuel —which contains androstenedione– was responsible for his failed drug test. Androstenedione was on the IBF’s banned substance list.

1. Evander Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Managed to father at least 11 children despite suffering from hypo-gonadism (shrunken balls)
Drug of choice: Testosterone/Saizen (HGH)/Glukor (treatment for impotence)
Remarks: Federal documents say Holyfield received packages containing human growth hormones in 2004. The packages were addressed to an “Evan Fields,” but Holyfield’s PED usage could have possibly started in 1988 during his jump up to heavyweight. According to Dr. Margaret Goodman, Holyfield was questioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission about HGH usage following his 1994 loss to Michael Moorer. After the fight Holyfield encountered heart problems that could have been caused by growth hormone usage.


  1. What, no Pacquiao? I thought Pacquiao would have been number one!

    • Don’t mistake Pacquiao’s super human strength for PEDs. He’s probably on pcp-I wouldn’t call that a PED at all….LOL!

  2. Drago had to use PEDs his wife is scary, she would have been able to kick his ass. It was for survival.

  3. Peds are bad and break up marriages/relationships. I don’t see why they are called performance enhancers when they do no such thing!

  4. I think Roy Jones took something more powerful than some supplements he bought at GMC.

  5. The list of the idiots that got caught-anyone left out there that is all natural? That would be a difficult list to compile.

    • Martinez tested positive already, but that was when he was a soccer player. Clenbuterol was his drug of choice.

      • Where did you get that information from? I can’t find anything on it

        • I’m sure it’s a joke. Martinez never played soccer.

  6. I think in Evander Holyfield’s situation it was a case of mistaken identity. Who could confuse Evander Holyfield with Evan Fields? The names don’t even sound alike.

  7. Just because Sergio Martinez is ripped to shreds doesnt mean he used steroids. If that is the case why isnt Mayweather on the list, he has never lost so he must be on something.

  8. LOL Drago, Vitali, Vargas, Mosley, Jones, and Holyfields’s accomplishments. I ripped a six pack laughing without the use of rip fuel or the clear.

  9. You forgot Julio Cesar Chavez jr. He used the same drug Mayorga used against ODLH.

    • Margarito beat the crap out of cotto fair and square. If Cotto runs into Margarito in an alley in San Juan or Tijuana, Margarito wins that fight 100 times out of 100. King Hippo Daddy must be puerto rican. They need to realize that Margarito won that fight with his chin. Cotto is a better boxer but Margarito is a tougher “hombre” just ask Cintron.

  10. Good list. I would have made Sugar Shane #1 because he admitted to being juiced up and was using the good sh*t.

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