Top 12 in ’12: Biggest Douchebags In Boxing

Photo Credit: Bryan Horowitz/

Photo Credit:Bryan Horowitz/

12 Most Douchiest Fighters You Will See in 2012

Compiled by the Staff
February 8, 2012

12. Juilo Cesar Chavez Jr.
WBC middleweight titleholder

What makes the son of a boxing legend a douchebag? Fighting for a top ranked criminal? Check. Receiving a stolen championship belt without earning it? Check. Testing positive for banned substances? Check. Arrested for being a drunk ass? Check.

11. David Haye

This British douchebag claims to be retired, but just like honesty and integrity, retirement doesn’t exist in boxing. A boxer isn’t retired until he’s dead. Haye is still looking for a payday against both Klitschko brothers. Just stay “retired” slapnuts.

10. Andre Berto

His fights are always welcomed on television when he is not fighting some living, breathing punching bag. But Andre makes the list for having his annoying brother in his corner during fights. Andre, tell your brother to shut the hell up so someone who knows what they’re talking about could give you some sound advice.

9. Brandon Rios

One of the toughest fighters in the game today. And probably the biggest assclown in the sport too.

8. Nonito Donaire
WBO super bantamweight titleholder

Wearing a flat brim baseball cap sideways makes you a member of the douchebag hall of fame.

7. Adrien Broner
WBO super featherweight titleholder

Blessed with speed, quickness and having Al Haymon as his manager. But isn’t Broner a little too old to still have his dad brushing his hair?

6. Sergio Martinez
World middleweight champion

The middleweight champion finally grew some balls and told the WBC and HBO to go to hell over the unfair treatment he received from two of boxing’s biggest power brokers. Too bad his balls didn’t grow big enough for him to call out Andre Ward or Lucian Bute instead of begging Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. for a fight.

5. Antonio Margarito
Junior middleweight

Okay, you probably won’t see him fighting in Vegas, New York or California anymore, but you may find him sitting next to you at your local LensCrafter or El 7 Mares.

4. Victor Ortiz

What a bummer his rematch with Andre Berto was postponed due to Berto’s bicep injury. In the meantime, he can concentrate on catching some waves in Oxnard, California, rooting for the Boston Celtics and banging Kobe Bryant’s sloppy seconds.

3. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez
WBC junior middleweight titleholder

Wearing leather jackets, hanging out with Jose Suliaman and assaulting little flyweights out in the street has douchebag written all over it.

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
WBC welterweight titleholder

Yes, you will see Floyd fight at least once this year when he faces Miguel Cotto on May 5. After that Floyd will take his 90-day vacation in a 6-by-10 foot jail cell.

1. Paulie Malignaggi

Expect to see him on a Jersey Shore cast reunion show before you see him winning a championship belt.


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