Ask The Doc: Hittin’ Another Mailsack!!

Doc_LouisBy Doc Louis
March 23, 2013bradley_provodnikov

Holla, holla!! The Doc gots a big ‘ole mailsack for all of y’all to sink yo teeth into. The Doc will cover that bomb diggity throwdown from last week, HBO and Golden Boy beefing like a couple of hulled out chickenheads and “The Problem” Adrien Broner gettin’ tossed in the hoosegow.


What up Doc?

I watched last Saturday’s Bradley-Provodnikov fight like 50 times! That was a war! I got to give major props to Timothy Bradley for going to place few will go to. Bradley went to a place guys like Mayweather, Cotto and Ortiz refuse to go. He went to a place where only the likes of Gatti, Ward, Corrales, Castillo, Barrera, Morales have gone, hell even Pacquiao went there for like 2 minutes back in December. I don’t care about the ref not counting the knock downs. I don’t care about the scoring. That fight was the bomb. But do you think Bradley can recover from such a beating? How could a man be out on his feet and still fight back?? – Richard R.

The Doc’s Response: V-Town brother check it out, I’m ’bout to throw down. Dick in hand, you shoulda had your toke down, a little city, chillin’ in the North Bay. Needless to say, my boyz don’t play fool.


What’s up Doc?

I was not surprised to find out that HBO no longer wants to do business with Golden Boy ever since Golden Boy started moving all its fighters to Showtime. But isn’t it a bad business decision for HBO? And aren’t the fans the one’s that will suffer the most? I’m sick of Top Rank and that old fart Bob Arum screwing up the best possible fights and Oscar De La Hoya isn’t doing a damn thing to clean up the sport like he said he was when he started his company. What do you make of this mess? It reminds me of the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW. -Ted B.

The Doc’s Response: Quick left, one blow, KO hit the road to the next episode. In the saga of a few fellas oh what the hell, I guess I better tell ya. It’s Friday night I got a brand new kick on. Up in the Henny for me to get bent on. Hit the country club then picked up ML, 80 west, back to the hotel.


What’s up Doc?

Did you see Adrien Broner’s stripper video? That was some crazy shit. His opponents should make him take STD tests after pulling that skanky-ass shit. Plus what do you make of his arrest for biting some guy at a dance club? How can a grown-ass man bite another dude when he can easily whip him with his fists? Then again some people get turn on by cannibalism. – Jefferey D.

The Doc’s Response: At the telly, Bones is doin’ butt work, Johnny Z had his hand up a mini-skirt. The Latina in the corner started to flirt and I knew that when she saw me baby doll was gonna jaw me. Set for the night so I took her to my ride. Grab my Mickey, my Buddha and I met her outside. Who-ride, brother strikin’ through to be seen A Lexus 400 to the triple gold Z’s.


After watching that awesome slugfest between Timothy Bradley and the Russian Rocky, I would like to see him go against Juan Manuel Marquez. Do you think it will happen or will Marquez take the money to fight Pacquiao again? How do you see a possible Marquez-Bradley fight going down? – Jack, London, England

The Doc’s Response: Acid in my bottle so I gotta get more, put the pedal to the metal back to the liquor store. Money in my sock, jimmy in the glove, layin’ in the Lexus I’m about to make good love.


Doc, you are a great boxing mind. What do you think about American heavyweight prospect Deontay Wilder? He’s a beast having a 27-0 record with 27 knockouts.

– Charles, Corcoran, California

The Doc’s Response: Ah naw, could it be? I just got a page and a broad wanna do me. Aw yeah I jumped in the F-train, but wait a minute, we gotta hit the store man. I got to get some gum and some Tic-Tac’s, two tall cans and a packet of Blackjack’s.


What’s up Doc,

What do you think about Mickey Bey Jr. being suspended by the Nevada commission for 3 months and fined $1,000 for having testosterone levels above 30-to-1 for his brutal KO win last month and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. receiving 9 months and $900,000 fine for smoking some bud? – George W.

The Doc’s Response: We got the goods, now we’re headin’ for the ho down. There goes the telly so fella won’t you slow down. Park the ride in the front like a sick one just in case we gotta bust a quick one.


What’s up Doc?

What do you think about Nonito Donaire no longer getting his Flintstones vitamins from that convicted drug pusher Victor Conte? -Dick C., McLean, Virginia

The Doc’s Response: Lock the load let’s go look for 118, but lay low ’cause I really don’t wanna be seen. Is this the room? Aw yeah, that’s the right one. I got the black broad and you got the white one. So hit the lights man ’cause I just might man, try and throw this thing all night and…Get her so sprung that she’ll drop some ale so I can catch turn and hit another hotel!!