Paulie Maliginaggi Asks For Additional STD Testing
June 18, 2013

Maliginaggi_BronerPaulie Maliginaggi requests random STD testing for his upcoming  WBA welterweight title defense against Adrien Broner.

Maliginaggi wants Broner tested for sexually transmitted diseases ahead of their June 22 scheduled 12-round bout.

The attention-seeking 23-year-old Broner was seen performing a vile sex act in a highly publicized internet video.

The act in question occurred on the main dancing stage of a strip club where Broner performed oral sex on a skanky-ass stripper.

Maliginaggi hopes to enter the ring against a clean opponent, at least on the STD side of things.

“I’m not getting in the ring with a guy who goes down on random dirty ass strippers,” said Maliginaggi. “When I bust his mouth open, I don’t want some herpes sore popping shit all over me.”