Broner To Give Money To Charity
July 17, 2013

Adrien BronerCINCINNATI – Charity works as an exotic dancer at one of Mount Auburn’s best gentleman’s clubs where she grinds and gyrates herself on an aged dance pole.

This is the same strip club where 3-division world champion Adrien Broner can be found when he’s not training for an upcoming fight.

The native Cincinnatian was dropping large stacks of cash on Charity’s jiggling ass when he came up with an idea to give back to his community.

The 23-year-old decided to donate a brand new dance pole to his favorite establishment.

Perhaps the biggest sign that a new dance pole was needed came just two weeks prior.

Broner was in the middle of sticking his tongue in a dancer’s asshole when the pole became unhinged and hit Broner on the top of his head.

While no one was injured that night, many of the girls young and old welcomed an upgrade for quite some time.

“There are many girls out there learning to work the pole and this generous gift will help provide them with improved amenities as they work towards their own career, said the strip club’s general manager Richard Bumgarner.

“And Adrien doesn’t have to worry about getting hit upside the head when he has his tongue up someone’s ass anymore.”