Manny Pacquiao Discovers Glory Hole At Wild Card Gym

March 16, 2016

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Manny Pacquiao made a curious discovery at the Wild Card Gym on Tuesday. He reportedly found a glory hole in the gym’s restroom.

A glory hole is a space that is cut into a wall or restroom stall partition. They are used to facilitate anonymous sexual contact.

The world famous gym owned by Pacquiao’s long-time trainer Freddie Roach is in a seedy section of Los Angeles, just minutes away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The existence of glory holes in Hollywood is not uncommon.

The Philippine congressman first sighted the glory hole after finishing his pad work for the day. Pacquiao was walking into the restroom and removing his hand wraps when he noticed the mysterious opening. He is currently training for his upcoming fight against Timothy Bradley.

Saying the discovery blew Pacquiao’s mind is an understatement. The glory hole was crudely cut and fabricated with duct tape, Pacquiao reportedly told Roach.

Pacquiao couldn’t stop giving the blow-by-blow description of his intriguing find.

“There’s a big hole in the wall,” Pacquiao explained. “I think there’s someone on the other side of it too.”

Pacquiao complained about the restroom’s lack of cleanliness, but described every single detail about the glory hole and inquired on where he could find more.

Roach was overheard telling Pacquiao that he will remove the glory hole as soon as possible.

“No,” Pacquiao loudly responded. “Just make sure somebody mops up the floor, it’s too sticky in there.”