American Heavyweight Develops British Accent After Eight Round Thrashing

July 18, 2016

Three-time heavyweight title loser Chris Arreola endured eight rounds of brain rattling punches from WBC heavyweight titleholder Deontay Wilder on Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama.

The routine ass kicking left Arreola with a bizarre disorder causing him to speak in a British accent.

Arreola suffered a fourth round knockdown and reached the end of his rope after eight rounds when his corner stopped the fight. Arreola ate a total of 152 punches.

Everything was seemingly normal after the fight. Arreola enjoyed his post-fight meal which included a healthy serving of menudo, a carne asada burrito and two chile rellenos.

However, yesterday morning Arreola stunned his friends and family with a cool new accent.

A neurologist examined Arreola and diagnosed him with ‘Foreign Accent Syndrome.’

“Chris has a very pronounced British accent,” exclaimed the neurologist.

“A very sexy one at that I might add.”

The disorder is ultra rare. Less than 100 people in the world suffer from the disorder.

The neurologist says he does not know what causes Foreign Accent Syndrome.

“I do know the cause of heartburn,” the neurologist said.

“Eating a breakfast consisting of Takis and spicy nacho cheese with Chris Arreola.”