Best I Ever Faced: Gennady Golovkin


Gennady Golovkin pummels Dominc Wade on April 23, 2016
September 9, 2016

Gennady Golovkin is from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, but many suspect he was conceived, born and raised at Monsters Inc. At an early age Golovkin was the most feared child in his village.

Its inhabitants knew a monster had arrived the day he was delivered.

Just by using his fists, he took away running water, electricity, farm animals and automobiles. He moved an entire region into the dark ages, just by using his fists.

You see, Gennady Golovkin loves to smile. He believes he is a good boy. What others see is a monster. If Gennady doesn’t see you smiling, he will knock you into the cornfield and shape your face into a grotesque grounded beef patty.

Gennady Golovkin is the undefeated and reigning middleweight champion of the world.

Tomorrow night at the O2 Arena in London, England, Gennady defends his middleweight crown against the only man brave enough to step into the ring with him.

Kell Brook is making the giant leap from welterweight to cash a check up at middleweight.

When Brook looks at Gennady’s baby-face and guileless eyes from across the ring he better be thinking happy thoughts. Before the fight is done, Brook will be begging Gennady to wish him to the cornfield.

Golvokin is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most feared fighter in boxing history. His greatest accomplishment to date is unifying the fractured middleweight championship in dominate fashion.

On August 14, 2010, Golovkin captured the interim WBA middleweight title with a first round destruction of Milton Nunez. Golvokin entered as the WBA #1 contender, while Nunez was the #13 challenger. Nunez was such a deserving challenger, he jumped over eleven contenders to fight for the interim title.

Golovkin added the IBF title to his belt collection on October 17, 2015. He brutalized a flawed and glass jawed David Lemiuex in front of 93,173 blood-thirsty New Yorkers at Madison Square Garden.

The coup de grace to the middleweight division occurred on May 18, 2016 when Golovkin captured the WBC title.

Trembling in his boots and cowering in Golovkin’s presence, Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez generously vacated the WBC championship. Alvarez politely handed the green belt to Golovkin on a lovely sterling silver platter.

“I am honored to be named the WBC middleweight world champion,” Golovkin said upon receiving his championship belt.

“I achieved my goal of getting all the belts and proving I am the best in the world.”

Earlier this week Gennady graciously took the time to speak to about the best he ever fought in eight key categories.


Muhammad Ali: I could never figure out how to avoid Ali’s jab in Knockout Kings on my Playstation.


Gabriel Rosado: There is no one better from 154 pounds to 168 pounds that can block punches with his face better than Gabriel.


Marco Antonio Rubio: Have you seen him butcher a goat? His taco making skills are top notch. The best Birria I ever ate!


Canelo Alvarez: Have you seen how fast Canelo runs when someone mentions my name?


Miguel Cotto: He knew I would give him a bigger ass-kicking than he received from Pacquiao and Margarito combined.


Martin Murray: He did a pub crawl the night before our fight and still lasted 11 rounds.


David Lemiuex: He’s too sexy for his shirt! He has what it takes to strut down those catwalks. He has that chin and jawline all male models have.


My shadow: I suffer more at the hands of my shadow than anyone else. Shadow boxing hurts!