The Circus Is Coming To Town

July 14, 2017

The Bang Bros. and Mayweather-McGregor Circus is bringing their act to a town near you!

Floyd Mayweather, “The Greatest Fighter on Earth,” says his traveling circus will be the greatest box office hit of the summer.

“This shit is big. This shit is gonna be good no matter what.”

Conor McGregor, The Fighting Pride of Ireland, says their traveling circus is unlike any circus in the world.

“Unlike other circus acts, we the performers are our own bosses. I cash promoter and performer checks.”

This summer tour will feature unique acts including The Infamous Dancing Monkey Troupe.

“Call it whatever you want,” McGregor said. “Me and Floyd is taking it to another level. It’s great entertainment.”

The headlining pair are scheduled to finish their circus tour at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 26.

Tickets for The Bang Bros. and Mayweather-McGregor Circus are available at a local box office near you.