Bart Barry Is Boxing’s Newest Fashion Diva

The fashion world was turned upside down by a boxing transnational man of letters. Continue Reading

Open Letter To The BWAA

I hereby begin this narrative by declaring with full rectitude, my interest in joining your highly esteemed confederacy of newshounds. Continue Reading

Woody’s Late-Nite Broner

I’m not much of a porn guy anymore and there’s one reason for that. My wife. She decided early on in our marriage that I could no longer watch pornographic films. Continue Reading

Pepe’s International Boxing Report

Great weekend for international boxing, so yours truly decided to leave the cantina and go to work. This is an international report so I do not have any chingadazos for anybody. Continue Reading

The Ring Kings: Pepe’s Pound-for Pound Rankings

Okay amigos, my jefe wants me to make a list of the top ten boxers putazo for putazo. Doc was originally asked to make a list but his list ended up in the basura because he added Floyd Mayweather Jr. plus nine members of Master P’s entourage. Continue Reading

Boxing’s PEZ Mess

For years we’ve ignored it. Everyone knows it, but is afraid to say it. It’s been easy to look the other way, easy like picking up a date down at your local red light district. Continue Reading

PUNCH/COUNTERPUNCH: Mayweather vs. Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero will battle it out in a scheduled 12-round fight for Mayweather’s WBC welterweight championship tomorrow night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Continue Reading

Chingadazos with Pepe El Toro: Canelo vs.Trout The Aftermath

Hola amigos and welcome to a special edition of Chingadazos with Pepe El Toro. Today I have invited a special guest to share his thoughts and sentimentos on El Canelo’s victory over Austin Trout. But first I will give out my Chingadazos to all the penedejos that earned it this fin de semana. Continue Reading

The Word According To Doc: Hopkins vs. Cloud

Tavoris Cloud will defend the IBF light heavyweight title against 48-year-old challenger Bernard Hopkins tomorrow night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Continue Reading

The Sweet Science of Chemical Warfare

Tomorrow night at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, Nonito Donaire takes on Jorge Arce in a scheduled twelve round WBO super bantamweight championship bout. Continue Reading