Ask The Doc: Baby Mama Drama Edition

In the latest installment of Ask The Doc, the world’s greatest trainer and boxing expert digs deep into his Mail Sack to answer your questions about Floyd Mayweather, Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito and Danny Garcia. Continue Reading

Andre Berto Comes Clean By Failing Drug Test

A syringe needle injected into the ass of Andre Berto admits to supplying performance enhancing drugs to the former welterweight titleholder. Continue Reading

Bob Arum Compares Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Notorious Publicist

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum sticks his foot in his mouth by comparing Floyd Mayweather Jr. to a Nazi propagandist. Continue Reading

Sources Say Lamont Peterson Fails Pregnancy Test

A source twice removed from the situation says unified junior welterweight champion Lamont Peterson failed a pregnancy test putting his May 19 rematch with Amir Khan in jeopardy. Continue Reading

Hooks of the Week: A Khan Job & More Top Rank Misconduct

10-8. Sergeant Adam Henry reporting for duty. We had a very busy boxing weekend. The dirt bags are on the prowl and by dirt bags I mean unscrupulous boxing promoters trying to make a buck off venerable and ill-advised fighters. Continue Reading

Bitches, The Doc Got It Right!!

The only expert in the world to pick Lamont Peterson over Amir Khan. Continue Reading

The Experts Pick Khan vs. Peterson

Predictions for the 140-pound title match between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson. Continue Reading