Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Bombs At The Box Office

The epic encounter between living legends Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao now ranks as the biggest pay-per-view flop of all-time. Continue Reading

Bob Arum Cock-Blocks Stepson

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum utterly destroyed his stepson’s chances at getting some sweet juicy pussy last night. Continue Reading

NFL Suspends Floyd Mayweather For Having Deflated Balls

The National Football League suspends welterweight world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. for possessing deflated balls. Continue Reading

Ask The Doc: Hittin’ Another Mailsack!!

Holla, holla!! The Doc gots a big ‘ole mailsack for all of y’all to sink yo teeth into. The Doc will cover that bomb diggity throwdown from last week, HBO and Golden Boy beefing like a couple of hulled out chickenheads and “The Problem” Adrien Broner gettin’ tossed in the hoosegow. Continue Reading

More Writers Should Follow My Lead

Fight Fiends before I get to my wonderful and insightful random musings of the week, I would like to encourage many of my peers in the boxing media to follow my lead by being an astute, intellectual and ethical journalist such as myself. Continue Reading

A Boxing Scribe’s 2012 Wishes

Top of the New Year to you poorly educated drones. Right after the New Year kicks in you have these hacks that call themselves writers composing the most mundane predictions, lists and year-end awards imaginable. Continue Reading

2011 Year-End Boxing Awards: Day Five

Promoter of the Year & The Honesty and Integrity Award Continue Reading

The Champ’s Hall of Fame Weekend Notebook

Reporting from the International Boxing Hall of Fame inductions Continue Reading